Testing the AdS/CFT correspondence beyond large N

  title={Testing the AdS/CFT correspondence beyond large N},
  author={Adel Bilal and Chong-Sun Chu},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Theory},
  • A. BilalC. Chu
  • Published 29 February 2000
  • Physics
  • arXiv: High Energy Physics - Theory
According to the AdS/CFT correspondence, the maximally supersymmetric SU(N) Yang-Mills theory in 4 dimensions is dual to the type IIB string theory compactified on AdS_5 x S^5. Most of the tests performed so far are confined to the leading order at large N or equivalently string tree-level. To probe the correspondence beyond this leading order and obtain 1/N^2 corrections is difficult since string one-loop computations on an AdS_5 x S^5 background generally are beyond feasibility. However, we… 

One-loop supergravity on AdS4 × S7/ℤk and comparison with ABJM theory

A bstractThe large-N limit of ABJM theory is holographically dual to M-theory on AdS4 × S7/ℤk. The 3-sphere partition function has been obtained via localization, and its leading behavior FABJM(0) ∼

The spectrum of IIB supergravity on AdS 5 × S 5 / Z 3 and a 1 /N 2 test of AdS/CFT

: We present the complete Kaluza-Klein spectrum resulting from the compactification of IIB supergravity on S 5 / Z 3 . Knowledge of this spectrum allows us to perform a holographic computation of the

Higher derivative corrections and central charges from wrapped M5-branes

A bstractWe compute four-derivative corrections to the AdS supergravity actions arising from the near-horizon geometry of N M5-branes wrapped on either one or two Riemann surfaces. This setup

Holographic gravitational anomalies

In the AdS/CFT correspondence one encounters theories that are not invariant under diffeomorphisms. In the boundary theory this is a gravitational anomaly, and can arise in 4k+2 dimensions. In the

Prepared for submission to JHEP MCTP-13-28 1 / N 2 corrections to the holographic Weyl anomaly

We compute the O(1) contribution to holographic c− a for IIB supergravity on AdS5 × S/Zn and on AdS5 × T /Zn. In both cases, we find agreement with the dual field theory results, thus providing 1/N2

The spectrum of IIB supergravity on AdS5 × S5/$ {{\mathbb{Z}}_3} $ and a 1/N2 test of AdS/CFT

A bstractWe present the complete Kaluza-Klein spectrum resulting from the compactification of IIB supergravity on S5/$ {{\mathbb{Z}}_3} $. Knowledge of this spectrum allows us to perform a

Supersymmetric index from black hole entropy

For BPS black holes with at least four unbroken supercharges, we describe how the macroscopic entropy can be used to compute an appropriate index, which can be then compared with the same index

Cascades with adjoint matter: adjoint transitions

A large class of duality cascades based on quivers arising from non-isolated singularities enjoy adjoint transitions-a phenomenon which occurs when the gauge coupling of a node possessing adjoint

Anomaly Cancellations on Lower-Dimensional Hypersurfaces by Inflow from the Bulk

Lower-dimensional (hyper)surfaces that can carry gauge or gauge/gravitational anomalies occur in many areas of physics: one-plus-one-dimensional boundaries or two-dimensional defect surfaces in

D-brane charges in five-brane backgrounds

We discuss the discrete k D-brane charges (twisted K-theory charges) in five-brane backgrounds from several different points of view. In particular, we interpret it as a result of a standard Higgs



Note on anomalies in the AdS-CFT correspondence

We test the AdS-CFT correspondence in the case of a d=4 N=2 superconformal field theory by comparing chiral anomalies which are of order [ital N] in the [close quote]t Hooft large [ital N] limit.

On subleading contributions to the AdS / CFT trace anomaly

In the context of the AdS/CFT correspondence, we perform a direct computation in AdS5 supergravity of the trace anomaly of a d = 4, = 2 SCFT. We find agreement with the field theory result up to next

The Large-N Limit of Superconformal Field Theories and Supergravity

We show that the large-N limits of certainconformal field theories in various dimensions includein their Hilbert space a sector describing supergravityon the product of anti-de Sitter spacetimes,

Anti-de Sitter space and holography

Recently, it has been proposed by Maldacena that large $N$ limits of certain conformal field theories in $d$ dimensions can be described in terms of supergravity (and string theory) on the product of