Testing and validation of computerized decision support systems.

  title={Testing and validation of computerized decision support systems.},
  author={R. Matthew Sailors and Thomas D. East and Carrie J. Wallace and David A. Carlson and Mr. Anton Franklin and Laura K. Heermann and A T Kinder and Richard L. Bradshaw and Adrienne G Randolph and Alan H. Morris},
  journal={Proceedings : a conference of the American Medical Informatics Association. AMIA Fall Symposium},
Systematic, through testing of decision support systems (DSSs) prior to release to general users is a critical aspect of high quality software design. Omission of this step may lead to the dangerous, and potentially fatal, condition of relying on a system with outputs of uncertain quality. Thorough testing requires a great deal of effort and is a difficult job because tools necessary to facilitate testing are not well developed. Testing is a job ill-suited to humans because it requires tireless… CONTINUE READING

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