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Testing GR with the Double Pulsar: Recent Results

  title={Testing GR with the Double Pulsar: Recent Results},
  author={M.Kramer and D.R.Lorimer and A.G.Lyne and M.McLaughlin and M.Burgay and N.D'Amico and A.Possenti F.Camilo and P.C.C.Freire and B.C.Joshi and R.N.Manchester and J.Reynolds and J.Sarkissian I.H.Stairs and R.D.Ferdman},
This first ever double pulsar system consists of two pulsars orbiting the common center of mass in a slightly eccentric orbit of only 2.4-hr duration. The pair of pulsars with pulse periods of 22 ms and 2.8 sec, respectively, confirms the long-proposed recycling theory for millisecond pulsars and provides an exciting opportunity to study the works of pulsar magnetospheres by a very fortunate geometrical alignment of the orbit relative to our line-of-sight. In particular, this binary system…