Testing Extended Technicolor with Rb

  title={Testing Extended Technicolor with Rb},
  author={Elizabeth H Simmons and R Sekhar Chivukula and John Terning},
  journal={Progress of Theoretical Physics Supplement},
Author(s): Simmons, EH; Chivukula, RS; Terning, J | Abstract: We review the connection between mt and the Zbb vertex in ETC models and demonstrate the power of the resulting experimental constraint on models with weak-singlet ETC bosons. Some efforts to bring ETC models into agreement with experimental data on the Zbb vertex are mentioned, and the most promising one (non-commuting ETC) is discussed in detail. 

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Physics at LEP

In this contribution I have given a brief survey of some of the most interesting new particle searches which can be performed at LEP. Particular emphasis has been given to the particles (Higgs


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