Testicular tumors in the Netherlands.


The data of 764 patients, registered with the Netherlands Committee for Testicular Tumors during the 1971-1978 period, were analyzed. To a large degree the results were in agreement with those in the literature. Chest x-rays and bipedal lymphangiograms were the most useful investigations for detection of metastases, with supplementation by lung planigraphy where indicated. Local invasion of extratesticular tissue by tumor had no relationship to prognosis. The survival figures were comparable to those of the better series in the literature. There was essentially no difference between the behavior and treatment of combined tumors and malignant teratomas, so these may be viewed as a single entity. Because recurrences occurred after 2 years in 21% of seminoma patients, and in 4% of nonseminoma patients, a minimum follow-up period of 5 years is desirable.


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