Testicular traits as selection criteria for young Nellore bulls.

  title={Testicular traits as selection criteria for young Nellore bulls.},
  author={Marcia Regina Barros da Silva and Victor Breno Pedrosa and Juliana Corr{\^e}a Borges Silva and J P Eler and Jos{\'e} Domingos Guimar{\~a}es and L{\'u}cia Galv{\~a}o de Albuquerque},
  journal={Journal of animal science},
  volume={89 7},
The objective of this study was to evaluate the possible use of biometric testicular traits as selection criteria for young Nellore bulls using Bayesian inference to estimate heritability coefficients and genetic correlations. Multitrait analysis was performed including 17,211 records of scrotal circumference obtained during andrological assessment (SCAND) and 15,313 records of testicular volume and shape. In addition, 50,809 records of scrotal circumference at 18 mo (SC18), used as an anchor… CONTINUE READING
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