Testicular torsion and risk factors for orchiectomy.

  title={Testicular torsion and risk factors for orchiectomy.},
  author={Jonathan M. Mansbach and Peter G. M. Forbes and Craig Peters},
  journal={Archives of pediatrics & adolescent medicine},
  volume={159 12},
OBJECTIVE To determine risk factors for testicular loss due to testicular torsion. DESIGN AND PARTICIPANTS Medical records of patients aged 1 to 25 years with a principal diagnosis of testicular torsion were extracted from the 1998 Nationwide Inpatient Sample. Population-based rates of testicular torsion and orchiectomy were determined. Logistic regression was used to create a predictive model for orchiectomy. For comparison, medical records of patients aged 1 to 25 years with a principal… CONTINUE READING

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