Testicular pathology of Merino rams.

  title={Testicular pathology of Merino rams.},
  author={David A. Watt},
  journal={Australian veterinary journal},
  volume={54 10},
The scrotal contents of 2,281 Merino rams of wide age range examined at 3 abattoirs in Perth, Western Australia, showed a 40% prevalence of rams with 1 or more gross lesions. The percentage prevalence of gross lesions found on autopsy were: adhesions 21, testicular atrophy/hypoplasia 14, testicular calcification 13, congenital cyst of the epididymis 6, cryptorchidism 4, chronic epididymitis/scrotal abscesses 2, varicocoele 2, testicular aplasia less than 1, seminoma less than 1. The prevalence… CONTINUE READING