Testicular nonseminoma and seminoma in relation to perinatal characteristics.

  title={Testicular nonseminoma and seminoma in relation to perinatal characteristics.},
  author={Olof Akre and Anders Ekbom and Chester Chen-Yu Hsieh and Dimitirios Trichopoulos and H. O. Adami},
  journal={Journal of the National Cancer Institute},
  volume={88 13},
BACKGROUND Testicular cancer incidence peaks during the third decade of life, and an increasing trend in the occurrence of this disease has been seen in many countries. Few risk factors have been established for testicular cancer, but evidence suggests that causal factors operate early in life, perhaps even in utero. PURPOSE We performed a case-control study to evaluate specific perinatal characteristics as risk factors for the two main histopathologic types of testicular cancer: seminomas… CONTINUE READING
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