Testicular maturation in the sheep bot fly Oestrus ovis.

  title={Testicular maturation in the sheep bot fly Oestrus ovis.},
  author={Ram{\'o}n Cepeda-Palacios and Alberto Monroy and Mayaris A Mendoza and Philip J Scholl},
  journal={Medical and veterinary entomology},
  volume={15 3},
The process of testicular maturation in relation to intrapuparial development was studied in the sheep nasal bot fly, Oestrus ovis L. (Diptera: Oestridae). After formation of the puparium during larval-pupal apolysis and the cryptocephalic pupal stage (approximately 24-72 h), spermatogonia had undergone mitotic divisions and sperm cysts had been formed. Five days after pupariation, spermatogonia transformed into primary spermatocytes during the phanerocephalic pupal stage, and secondary… CONTINUE READING