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Testicular feminization in a cat.

  title={Testicular feminization in a cat.},
  author={V. N. Meyers-Wallen and J. D. Wilson and J. Griffin and S. Fisher and P. H. Moorhead and M. Goldschmidt and M. Haskins and D. Patterson},
  journal={Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association},
  volume={195 5},
Testicular feminization, caused by an inherited defect of the androgen receptor, was diagnosed in a domestic cat. Individuals affected with this syndrome are genetic males that have testes but fail to undergo masculinization because the internal and external genitalia cannot respond to androgens. The affected cat had the external appearance of a sexually normal female, but during surgery for ovariohysterectomy, only 2 abdominal gonads were found. Müllerian (uterus) or wolffian (epididymides… Expand
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