Testicular expression of the mouse histone H1.1 gene

  title={Testicular expression of the mouse histone H1.1 gene},
  author={Kristin Franke and Birgit Drabent and Detlef Doenecke},
  journal={Histochemistry and Cell Biology},
 The replication-dependent H1 histone subtype H1.1 is the predominant H1 histone subtype in germ cell chromatin during early spermatogenesis. H1.1 gene transcription was assigned by in situ hybridization with H1.1-specific RNA probes to the basal layer of germ cells within the seminiferous tubule, but not to the somatic cells of the testis. In situ hybridization and immunohistochemistry with testis from 5-, 9-, and 20-day-old mice showed that H1.1 mRNA and protein was already present in… CONTINUE READING