Testicular development in the complete androgen insensitivity syndrome.

  title={Testicular development in the complete androgen insensitivity syndrome.},
  author={Sabine E. Hannema and Ian Stuart Scott and Ewa Rajpert-De Meyts and Niels Erik Skakkebaek and Nicholas Coleman and Ieuan A Hughes},
  journal={The Journal of pathology},
  volume={208 4},
The complete androgen insensitivity syndrome (CAIS), caused by mutations in the androgen receptor (AR) gene, is associated with abnormal testicular development and an increased risk of germ cell malignancy. Previous histological studies in CAIS have selected patients purely on the basis of clinical diagnosis and were mostly based on small numbers, many of whom were post-pubertal. Here, we present 44 cases of CAIS, each with molecular pathological confirmation of an AR mutation. The median age… CONTINUE READING
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