Testicular cancer and Hodgkin's disease: evaluation of semen quality.

  title={Testicular cancer and Hodgkin's disease: evaluation of semen quality.},
  author={Loredana Gandini and Francesco Paolo Lombardo and Pietro Salacone and Donatella De Paoli and Anna Paola Anselmo and Franco Culasso and Franco Dondero and Andrea Lenzi},
  journal={Human reproduction},
  volume={18 4},
BACKGROUND The aim of our study was to establish whether there is a difference in semen quality between patients with testicular cancer (TC) and Hodgkin's disease (HD). METHODS We evaluated 342 patients affected by TC (n = 232) or HD (n = 110) who cryobanked sperm before initiating chemo- or radiotherapy. All TC patients were evaluated approximately 1 month after orchidectomy. RESULTS A total of 14 patients were azoospermic or cryptozoospermic. In the TC group (n = 222) the mean of the… CONTINUE READING
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