Testicular biopsy in evaluation of male infertility.

  title={Testicular biopsy in evaluation of male infertility.},
  author={E. A. Meinhard and Crystal J. McRae and Geoffrey D. Chisholm},
  journal={British medical journal},
  volume={3 5880},
Testicular biopsy findings in 100 infertile men were correlated with the clinical findings. Mild or moderately severe tubular lesions were seen in 57 cases and severe changes in 43. Clinical examination and semen analysis were no guide to the severity of the testicular lesion. Though patients with normal sized testes more commonly had mild tubular lesions, many were severe. Patients with small testes more often had severe lesions but some had only mild tubular changes. Biopsy findings in both… CONTINUE READING

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