Teste de estimulação repetitiva no músculo ancôneo para diagnóstico da miastenia grave: mapeamento da sua área de placa motora

  title={Teste de estimulaç{\~a}o repetitiva no m{\'u}sculo anc{\^o}neo para diagn{\'o}stico da miastenia grave: mapeamento da sua {\'a}rea de placa motora},
  author={Maria das Graças Wanderley de Sales Coriolano and Adelmar Afonso de Amorim and Ot{\'a}vio Gomes Lins},
PURPOSE: To map the motor end-plate area of the anconeus muscle and define the best place for positioning the recording electrodes in repetitive stimulation tests (RST) for the diagnosis of neuromuscular transmission disorders. METHOD: The compound muscle action potential of the anconeus was recorded after stimulating the motor branch of the radial nerve that innervates it. By analyzing the waveforms registered at each point of the skin we were able to define the motor end-plate area. RESULTS… CONTINUE READING


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