Testbed preparation of a small prototype polarization modulator for LiteBIRD Low-Frequency Telescope

  title={Testbed preparation of a small prototype polarization modulator for LiteBIRD Low-Frequency Telescope},
  author={Thuong Duc Hoang and Tomotake Matsumura and R. Takaku and Takashi Hasebe and Tommaso Ghigna and Nobu Katayama and Yukiko Sakurai and Kunimoto Komatsu and Teruhito Lida and Yurika Hoshino and S. Sugiyama and Hirokazu Ishino},
  booktitle={Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation},
LiteBIRD is the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) radiation polarization satellite mission led by ISAS/JAXA. The main scientific goal is to search for primordial gravitational wave signals generated from the inflation epoch of the Universe. LiteBIRD telescopes employ polarization modulation units (PMU) using continuously rotating half-wave plates (HWP). The PMU is a crucial component to reach unprecedented sensitivity by mitigating systematic effects, including 1/f noise. We have developed a 1… 



Breadboard model of polarization modulator unit based on a continuously rotating half-wave plate for the low-frequency telescope of the LiteBIRD space mission

We present a breadboard model development status of the polarization modulator unit (PMU) for a low-frequency telescope (LFT) of the LiteBIRD space mission. LiteBIRD is a next-generation cosmic

Design of a Testbed for the Study of System Interference in Space CMB Polarimetry

LiteBIRD is a proposed JAXA satellite mission to measure the CMB B-mode polarization with unprecedented sensitivity ( $$\sigma _r\sim 0.001$$ σ r ∼ 0.001 ). To achieve this goal, 4676

A cryogenic continuously rotating half-wave plate mechanism for the POLARBEAR-2b cosmic microwave background receiver.

We present the design and laboratory evaluation of a cryogenic continuously rotating half-wave plate (CHWP) for the POLARBEAR-2b (PB-2b) cosmic microwave background receiver, the second installment

A cosmic microwave background radiation polarimeter using superconducting bearings

Measurements of the polarization of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation are expected to significantly increase our understanding of the early universe. We present a design for a CMB

Demonstration of five-layer phase-flat achromatic half-wave plate with anti-reflective structures and superconducting magnetic bearing for CMB polarization experiments

  • K. KomatsuH. Ishino J. Yumoto
  • Physics
    Millimeter, Submillimeter, and Far-Infrared Detectors and Instrumentation for Astronomy X
  • 2020
We have developed a prototype half-wave plate (HWP) based polarization modulator (PMU) for Cosmic Microwave Background polarization measurement experiments. We built a 1/10 scaled PMU that consists

Probing Cosmic Inflation with the LiteBIRD Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization Survey

LiteBIRD the Lite (Light) satellite for the study of B-mode polarization and Inflation from cosmic background Radiation Detection, is a space mission for primordial cosmology and fundamental

Modulation of cosmic microwave background polarization with a warm rapidly rotating half-wave plate on the Atacama B-Mode Search instrument.

This is the first demonstration of the ability to remove atmospheric contamination at these levels from a ground-based platform using a rapidly rotating HWP, and achieves a sensitive measurement of celestial polarization without differencing the TOD of paired detectors sensitive to two orthogonal linear polarizations.

Design and Performance of a Prototype Polarization Modulator Rotational System for Use in Space Using a Superconducting Magnetic Bearing

We present the design and the mechanical and thermal performances of a prototype rotational mechanism using a superconducting magnetic bearing (SMB) for a space compatible polarization modulator. The

Bandpass mismatch error for satellite CMB experiments I: estimating the spurious signal

Future Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) satellite missions aim to use the B mode polarization to measure the tensor-to-scalar ratio r with a sensitivity σr ≲ 10−3. Achieving this goal will not only

Design of a frequency-independent optic axis Pancharatnam-based achromatic half-wave plate

Abstract. Pancharatnam-based achromatic half-wave plates (AHWP) achieve high polarization efficiency over a broad waveband. These AWHPs generally contain a property whereby the optic axis is