Test-retest reliability of EEG spectra during a working memory task

  title={Test-retest reliability of EEG spectra during a working memory task},
  author={Markus N{\"a}pflin and Marc Wildi and Johannes Sarnthein},
  volume={43 4},
The inter-individual variation of EEG spectra is large even for the same cognitive task. We asked whether task-induced EEG spectra remain stable over more than a year. We recorded EEG in 41 healthy adults who performed a modified Sternberg task. In 20 subjects EEG was recorded in a second session with retest intervals 12-40 months. For electrodes AFz, Cz and Pz peak frequency and peak height were determined. We compared the curve shape of power spectra by regressing spectra pairwise onto each… CONTINUE READING
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