Test Excavations of Site 41NL20 Nolan County, Texas

  title={Test Excavations of Site 41NL20 Nolan County, Texas},
  author={Jerry Henderson},
S i t e 4 1 N L 2 0 i s l oca t ed on t h e south t e r r a c e of Sweetwater Creek a t County Road 216 i n Nolan County, Texas. Archaeological t e s t i ng , conf i n e d t o t h e county road right-of-way and a temporary 50ft. easement on t h e e a s t s i d e of t h e county road, was conducted by t h e S t a t e Department of Highways and Publ ic Transpor ta t ion (SDHPT) i n 1983 and 1986 and produced a sma l l quan t i t y of c h e r t debi tage and a p a r t i a l l y i n t a c t hear th… CONTINUE READING

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