Terror's Web: How the Internet is Transforming Terrorism

  title={Terror's Web: How the Internet is Transforming Terrorism},
  author={Dorothy E. Denning},
in Handbook on Internet Crime (Y. Jewkes and M. Yar, eds.), Willan Publishing, 2010. (.pdf of pre-publication version) 
Literature on Terrorism and the Media (including the Internet): an Extensive Bibliography
compiled and selected by Judith Tinnes  The supplementary bibliography can be downloaded from here
Trajectories of Cybercrime
This chapter is a condensed and revised version of the author’s earlier work (Smith 2010b), “The Development of Cybercrime: An Opportunity Theory Approach,” originally published in Crime Over Time,
The UK Defence Review in 2010 shed light on the real concerns that Britain could be facing a new threat from cyber-terrorists. Indeed, extremist groups and organisations are increasingly using
Introduction to: Confronting the Internet's Dark Side: Moral and Social Responsibility on the Free Highway
Confronting the Internet’s Dark Side is the first book on social responsibility on the Internet. The book aims to strike a balance between the free speech principle and the responsibilities of the
The Global Terrorism Narratives: Typology of the Islamic State's Media Propaganda
The present article discusses the global terrorism narratives exemplified by the media strategies of the Islamic State (IS). The authors conclude that the ‘soft power’ of the IS was based on three
Radicalization in the Social Media Era: Understanding the Relationship between Self-Radicalization and the Internet
Study of the relationship between social media and self-radicalization among college and university students showed that individuals holding a university degree were more at risk of endorzing positive attitudes toward political violence and terrorism, and, therefore, more atrisk of being radicalized.
The Digitalised Terrorism Ecology: A Systems Perspective
This study uses a systematic review methodology to interpret existing literature on the digital dimensions of contemporary terrorism and counter-terrorism. Using the theory of synergetics as a
Terrorism in Transition: The Implications of Cyber-Terrorism
Terrorism is one of the fears that influenced the economic, political and security transformations of contemporary societies. The effects of terrorism can be traced back to ancient Greece and evolved
Terrorist Experts’ Perceptions of How the Internet Has Shaped International Terrorism
The use of the Internet by terrorists has greatly contributed to international terrorism. The Internet is a main strategic communication asset for terrorists who use online message boards and chat


A View of Cyberterrorism Five Years Later
Readings in Internet Security: Hacking, Counterhacking, and Society (K. Himma ed.), Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Boston, 2006. (.pdf of pre-publication version)
www.terrorism.com: Terror on the Internet
The nature of the Internet--the ease of access, the chaotic structure, the anonymity, and the international character--all furnish terrorist organizations with an easy and effective arena for action.
Al Qaeda, Trends in Terrorism, and Future Potentialities: An Assessment
This article assesses current trends in terrorism and future potentialities. It examines first the presumed state of Al Qaeda today with particular reference to its likely agenda in a post-Iraq War
An Indonesian’s Prison Memoir Takes Holy War into Cyberspace
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Everything you always wanted to know about whistleblowing but were afraid to ask.
A gap is opening up between those who think that the public needs to be protected from the truth about medical errors and poor management, and those who believe that openness and transparency are vital parts of a safe and fair modern healthcare system.
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