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Territory: A short introduction

  title={Territory: A short introduction},
  author={David K. Delaney},
List of Illustrations. Series Editors' Preface. Acknowledgments. 1 Entering the Territory of Territory. 2 Disciplining and Undisciplining Territory. 3 Human Territoriality and its Boundaries. 4 Parsing Palisraelestine. 5: Further Explorations. Bibliography. Index. 
Space, Land, Territory, and the Study of the Bible
In this brief volume, Stephen C. Russell introduces biblical scholars to the interdisciplinary study of space and its related concepts, including land and territory. He summarizes several approaches
Segregation and territoriality: comments on Waterman
A recent edition of this journal included a retrospective appraisal of Fred Boal’s classic 1969 paper on territoriality in Belfast. The section includes a short comment piece from Waterman (2008)
Land, terrain, territory
This paper outlines a way toward conceptual and historical clarity around the question of territory. The aim is not to define territory, in the sense of a single meaning; but rather to indicate the
The Materiality of Territorial Production
This article brings together research on territoriality and actor-network theory to develop new ways of investigating the role of materiality and material design in the territorial power relations of
Territory incognita
Tracing the lineage of territorial theorization, from legal container through dialectical, strategic and rhizomatic interpretations, this paper contends that more-than-human aspects of territory have
For the place of terrain and materialist ‘re’-returns: Experience, life, force, and the importance of the socio-cultural
In this brief response to Stuart Elden’s thought-provoking essay ‘Terrain, Politics, History’, I question whether place, one of the most ubiquitous concepts worked with by geographers, might have a
Over their dead bodies : a study of leisure and spatiality in cemeteries
This thesis offers a critical exploration of the leisure uses of cemeteries and the relationship between people and places in burial grounds. It interrogates the concepts of heterotopia, purple
Sovereign Claims and Possessions – The Beginnings of the Territorial State
  • D. Howland
  • Law, Political Science
    International Journal of Social Science Studies
  • 2019
Royal claims from the age of exploration persisted into the 19th century, when they began to be replaced by claims to territory on the part of States. Sovereignty over territory was increasingly
Tourists and Territory: Birders and the Prosaic Geographies of Stateness in Post-conflict Colombia
Author(s): Bott, Travis Aaron | Advisor(s): Agnew, John | Abstract: This paper probes the role of birders as agents of re-territorialization in post-conflict Colombia. The 2016 signing of the peace


The Middle East: Geography and Geopolitics
List of Figures Abbreviations and Acronyms Preface Prologue 1. Introduction 2. Land, Structure and Form 3. Climate 4. Soils and Vegetation 5. Two Key Resources: Water and Petroleum 6. Historical
Borders, Border Regions and Territoriality: Contradictory Meanings, Changing Significance
This was the introductory article to the special issue of Regional Studies dedicated to the issue of 'borders and border regions' and it was intended to provide a context for the other, more
The Geographical Tradition: Episodes in the History of a Contested Enterprise
Preface. 1. Should the History of Geography be X-Rated? Telling Geography's Story. 2. Of Myths and Maps: Geography in the Age of Reconnaissance. 3. Revolution, Celestial and Terrestrial: Geography
Race, Place, and the Law, 1836-1948
Preface 1. Orientations 2. Geographies of Slavery and Emancipation 3. Legal Reasoning and the Geopolitics of Nineteenth-Century Race Relations 4. The Geopolitics of Jim Crow 5. The Reasonableness of
A Geographical Guide to the Real and the Good
1. Geography, the Real and the Good 2. The Power of Place 3. Situatedness and Relativism 4. Situatedness and Absolutism 5. The Theory 6. Geo-Psychological Dynamics 7. Geo-Social Dynamics Postscript:
Territoriality: A neglected sociological dimension.
Territoriality, or the attempt to control space, is conceived as a fundamental human activity. Distinguished are four types of territory (viz., public territories, home territories, interactional
A concise history of the Arab-Israeli conflict
Tables, Charts, and Maps. Documents. Preface. Introduction. 1. Palestine in the Nineteenth Century. 2. Palestine During the Mandate. 3. World War II, Jewish Displaced Persons, and the Partition of
Geography and Politics in a World Divided
useful not 'traditional' issues resistance introducing basic a clear and concise The short are accessible and well supplemented with pertinent the be very useful in a supplemental capacity, full of
The hierarchy of states: reform and resistance in the international order
Preface Introduction Part I. The Ideology of International Orders: 1. Order and international relations 2. International and world order 3. Kant and the tradition of optimism 4. Rousseau and the
Beyond state-centrism? Space, territoriality, and geographical scale in globalization studies
Since the early 1970s, debates have raged throughout the social sciences concerning the process of ‘‘globalization’’ ^ an essentially contested term whose meaning is as much a source of controversy