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Territorial mobilization and substate welfare governance in Italy and Spain Comparing four regional case studies

  title={Territorial mobilization and substate welfare governance in Italy and Spain Comparing four regional case studies},
  author={Davide Vampa},

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Exploring the politicisation and territorialisation of adult social care in the United Kingdom: Electoral discourse analysis of state-wide and meso elections 1998–2019

  • Paul Chaney
  • Political Science, Sociology
    Global Social Policy
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In the face of a global demographic shift, an aging population and a ‘crisis’ in adult social care (ASC), this study analyses over 3000 pledges on ASC in political parties’ manifesto discourse

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The devolution of power and responsibility from central to sub national levels of governance over the past half century marks a paradigm shift in forces shaping social policy across much of Western

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Regionalization of housing policies? An exploratory study of Andalusia, Catalonia and the Basque Country

Investigation of how the authorities, both at the level of the Spanish state and of the autonomous communities (regions), have responded to the problem of repossessions finds that Autonomous Communities are playing an increasingly important role in this matter.



Relazione Sociale 2011, Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano

  • 2011

Catalonia: Nation Building Without a State

INTRODUCTION 1. The Historical Roots of Nationhood 2. The Rise of Catalan Nationalism 3. The Transition to Democracy 4. Catalonia as an Autonomous Community 5. Political Economy: Europeanization and

La Politicas Sanitarias de las Comunidades Autónomas’, in R

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Changing Welfare States

Changing Welfare States is is a major new examination of the wave of social reform that has swept across Europe over the past two decades. In a comparative fashion, it analyses reform trajectories

Politiche Sociali di Centro Destra

  • La Riforma del Welfare Lombardo. Roma: Carocci
  • 2005

La costruzione dei Servizi Sanitari Regionali e la governance del sistema sanitario