Terrestrial organic matter input suppresses biomass production in lake ecosystems.

  title={Terrestrial organic matter input suppresses biomass production in lake ecosystems.},
  author={Jan Karlsson and Ann-Kristin Bergstr{\"o}m and Par Bystr{\"o}m and Cristian Gudasz and Patricia Madrinan Rodriguez and Catherine Hein},
  volume={96 11},
Terrestrial ecosystems export large amounts of organic carbon (t-OC) but the net effect of this OC on the productivity of recipient aquatic ecosystems is largely unknown. In this study of boreal lakes, we show that the relative contribution of t-OC to individual top consumer (fish) biomass production, and to most of their potential prey organisms, increased with the concentration of dissolved organic carbon (DOC; dominated by t-OC sources) in water. However, the biomass and production of top… CONTINUE READING

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