Terrestrial adaptations in the postcranial skeletons of guenons.

  title={Terrestrial adaptations in the postcranial skeletons of guenons.},
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  • D. Gebo, E. Sargis
  • Published 1994
  • Biology, Medicine
  • American journal of physical anthropology
  • Arboreal and semiterrestrial guenons show similar osteological features of the limbs across a wide range of species, environments, and geography, while the more terrestrially committed guenons exhibit greater morphological divergence. An ecomorphological comparison of two sympatric guenons living in Kibale Forest, Uganda, reveals an array of anatomical adaptations for terrestriality in the limbs of Cercopithecus lhoesti similar to those found in Erythrocebus patas. In contrast, Cercopithecus… CONTINUE READING
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