Terrain mapping camera for Chandrayaan-1

  title={Terrain mapping camera for Chandrayaan-1},
  author={A. S. Kiran Kumar and A. Roy Chowdhury},
  journal={Journal of Earth System Science},
The Terrain Mapping Camera (TMC) on India’s first satellite for lunar exploration, Chandrayaan-1, is for generating high-resolution 3-dimensional maps of the Moon. With this instrument, a complete topographic map of the Moon with 5 m spatial resolution and 10-bit quantization will be available for scientific studies. The TMC will image within the panchromatic spectral band of 0.4 to 0.9 Μm with a stereo view in the fore, nadir and aft directions of the spacecraft movement and have a B/H ratio… 

LROC Stereo Observations

McEwen, and Mark Robinson. Carl Sagan Center at the SETI Institute, NASA Ames Research Center, MS 245-3, Moffett Field, CA, USA (Ross.A.Beyer@nasa.gov), United States Geological Survey, Ohio State

A Self-Calibration Bundle Adjustment Method for Photogrammetric Processing of Chang $^{\prime}$E-2 Stereo Lunar Imagery

A self-calibration bundle adjustment method is proposed to eliminate effects of uncertainty in both the interior orientation (IO) model and exterior orientation (EO) parameters of the CE-2 CCD camera by adding several parameters into the IO model and fitting EO parameters using a third-order polynomial.

Quasi Epipolar Resampling of Linear Scanner Triplets for Stereo Matching

The paper proposes a method for quasi-epipolar resampling of stereo triplets from tri linear scanner. In proposed methodology, distinct features from image triplet are extracted using the Scale