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TerraService.NET: An Introduction to Web Services

  title={TerraService.NET: An Introduction to Web Services},
  author={Tom Barclay and Jim Gray and Eric Strand and Steve Ekblad and Jeffrey Richter},
This article explores the design and construction of a geo-spatial Internet web service application from the host web site perspective and from the perspective of an application using the web service. The this http URL web service was added to the popular TerraServer database and web site with no major structural changes to the database. The article discusses web service design, implementation, and deployment concepts and design guidelines. Web services enable applications that aggregate and… 
Design of a Geotechnical Information Architecture Using Web Services
We present an information architecture using Web services for exchanging and utilizing geotechnical information, which is of critical interest to a large number of municipal, state and federal
Web services na informação geográfica
Open GIS Consortium has been promoting the multiplication of the Geo Web Servi ces, especially thanks to the success of the Web Map Services and Web Feature Services. These services started giving
Creating web service interfaces and scientific workflows using command line tools: A GRASS example
  • Upendra Dadi, L. Di
  • Computer Science
    2009 17th International Conference on Geoinformatics
  • 2009
The conceptual architecture used in developing the web services is presented in detail and some of the issues that were encountered during the development — granularity of services, statelessness of services and interoperability between services - are discussed.
A Distributed Geotechnical Information Management and Exchange Architecture
A Web-services-based way to manage geotechnical data via XML is described, which addresses the lack of service infrastructures among heterogeneous data sources operating under different administrative organizations or agencies.
Towards Integration of SOAP-Based Web Services and OGC Web Services
This thesis project has reviewed the current status of integrating the general Web Services technology (SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI) and OpenGIS Consortium (OGC) Web services standards in developing distributed GIS computing and indicates the feasibility of integration.
TerraServer Bricks - A High Availability Cluster Alternative
Microsoft® TerraServer stores aerial, satellite, and topographic images of the earth in a SQL database available via the Internet since June 1998. It is a popular online atlas, combining twenty-two
GeoTorrent: Optimizing GIS Web Services for Interactive Educational Use
GeoTorrent provides a client-side proxy server that manages OGC WMS connections in order to optimize user-perceived experience, and offers an increased ability for educators to share data with and among students, reducing the amount of student training required.
TerraServer SAN-Cluster Architecture and Operations Experience
The hardware and software components of the TerraServer Cluster and SAN are described and the experience in configuring and operating this system for three years is described, showing how the hardware and architecture delivered better than four-9's of availability, but operations mistakes delivered three- 9's.
A geotemporal role-based authorisation system
The GSAS system, which is based on a GeoSpatial Authorisation Model (GSAM), for specifying and enforcing access control policies that makes reference to the spatial regions and locational credentials, and its functionalities are presented.
A Methodology Based on Ontology for Geo-Service Discovery
A geo-service discovery application has been developed by this research in order to implement a prototype of the methodology and sample ontologies have been built to test the implementation of the proposed methodology for discovering geo-services.


Microsoft TerraServer
The Microsoft TerraServer stores aerial and satellite images of the earth in a SQL Server Database served to the public via the Internet, and demonstrates the scalability of Microsoft's Windows NT Server and SQL Server running on Compaq AlphaServer 8400 and StorageWorks™ hardware.
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The design and analysis of spatial data structures and applications for predicting stock returns and remembering and imagining palestine identity and service manual are studied.
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The EOS Data and Information System (EOSDIS) is the component within MTPE that will provide the Earth science community with easy, affordable, and reliable access to Earth science data.
A common question about U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) digital raster graphics (DRG) is “how can I remove the map collars and join multiple quadrangles together?” The question does not have a simple
XMill: an efficient compressor for XML data
We describe a tool for compressing XML data, with applications in data exchange and archiving, which usually achieves about twice the compression ratio of gzip at roughly the same speed. The
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