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Terpenoids and Aromatic Compounds from Euphorbia heteradena

  title={Terpenoids and Aromatic Compounds from Euphorbia heteradena},
  author={Sevil {\"O}ks{\"u}z and Ayhan Ulubelen and Aslı Barla},
  journal={Turkish Journal of Chemistry},
Euphorbia heteradena Jaub. & Spach (Euphorbiaceae), a plant endemic to Turkey, has not been investigated previously. The CH2Cl2 extract of the aerial parts of Euphorbia heteradena yielded 24-methylenecycloartanol, cycloart-25-en-3b ,24-diol, cycloart-22-en-3b ,25-diol, vomifoliol, vomifoliol 9-O-b -D-glucopyranoside, 3,4,3'-tri-O-methoxy ellagic acid, syringic acid and scopoletin. The structures of the isolates were identified by high field spectroscopic methods including 1D and 2D NMR… 

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  • H. Duong
  • Chemistry
    Science and Technology Development Journal
  • 2019
Three terpenoid compounds, euphol, lupenone, and vomifoliol, along with ergosterol peroxide, ferulic acid, and vanillic acid were isolated and elucidated from the non-polar extract of E. tirucalli.


Therapy with Medicinal Plants in Turkey, pp 385-386
  • 1984