Termite-inspired robots build castles

  title={Termite-inspired robots build castles},
  author={Elizabeth Gibney},
  • E. Gibney
  • Published 13 February 2014
  • Engineering
  • Nature
Robot swarms work without supervision or a centralized plan. 
Swarm Fabrication: Reconfigurable 3D Printers and Drawing Plotters Made of Swarm Robots
We introduce Swarm Fabrication, a novel concept of creating ondemand, scalable, and reconfigurable fabrication machines made of swarm robots. We present ways to construct an element of fabrication
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The project features preliminary experiments programming a small autonomous robot ball known as the SPRK+ Sphero that explore the utility of an onsite robotic “assistant” to the landscape architect,
Biotechnology: A Tool in Termite Management
Termites are the silent invaders, which affect life and property. Being regarded as one of the important agricultural and urban pests, they are of national and international concern to scientists and


Designing Collective Behavior in a Termite-Inspired Robot Construction Team
This work presents a multi-agent construction system inspired by mound-building termites, solving an inverse problem of predicting high-level results given low-level rules; the approach via a physical realization with three autonomous climbing robots limited to onboard sensing.