Terminal 7p deletion and 1;7 translocation associated with craniosynostosis

  title={Terminal 7p deletion and 1;7 translocation associated with craniosynostosis},
  author={R. K. Dhadial and Michael F. Smith},
  journal={Human Genetics},
A female infant with presumptive deletion of the 7p2 region and an unusual translocation between a part of the short arm of chromosome 1 and a deleted chromosome 7 is described. The patient showed congenital craniosynostosis of the coronal and metopic sutures; marked turricephaly; hypotelorism; deeply cleft palate; shallow orbits with prominent bulging eyes; a depressed nasal bridge; anteverted nostrils; short hands with broad thin fingers and elongated thumbs; a mild talipes calcaneovalgus… CONTINUE READING
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