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Term Weighting Classification System Using the Chi-square Statistic for the Classification Subtask at NTCIR-6 Patent Retrieval Task

  title={Term Weighting Classification System Using the Chi-square Statistic for the Classification Subtask at NTCIR-6 Patent Retrieval Task},
  author={Kotaro Hashimoto and Takashi Yukawa},
In the present paper, a term weighting classification method using the chi-square statistic is proposed and evaluated in the classification subtask at NTCIR-6 patent retrieval task. In this task, large numbers of patent applications are classified into Fterm categories. Therefore, a patent classification system requires high classification speed, as well as high classification accuracy. The chi-square statistic can calculate the frequency of word appearance in the F-term and the frequency of… Expand
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Overview of Classification Subtask at NTCIR-5
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Japan Patent Office. Administration of Patent
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