Terje Tollefsen


Lack of efficient communication within the building industry leads to low end product quality and serious failures. Process integration has been identified as a key element for quality improvement and efficiency. This means restructuring and new ways to cooperate. The industry can obviously take advantage of a more extensive use of digital tools, such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), from the beginning of the design process. BIM is based on Industry Foundation Classes (IFC), the new standard for interoperability between Computer Aided Design systems. A BIM can support creating and operating digital databases for collaboration, managing changes in projects and in reusing data. Professionals have, by using BIM, the possibility to achieve higher quality work, greater speed and productivity, and lower costs in the design, construction and operation of buildings. The FM-industry (Facility Management) has an important role to play as future principal supplier of experience data and feedback in a “new building process”.

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