Teratogenesis of calcium valproate in rats.

  title={Teratogenesis of calcium valproate in rats.},
  author={Luvena L Ong and James L. Schardein and J A Petrere and R A Sakowski and Harriet Jordan and Rusty Humphrey and John E. Fitzgerald and Felix A de la Iglesia},
  journal={Fundamental and applied toxicology : official journal of the Society of Toxicology},
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Studies were conducted to determine the teratogenic potential of the calcium salt of valproic acid in rats when given orally at doses of 600, 150, and 50 mg/kg on days 6--15 of gestation. The sodium salt of valproic acid was used as a reference agent at a dose level of 600 mg/kg. The administration of 600 mg/kg/day of either calcium or sodium valproate resulted in transient, severe sedation in the dams. Four dams receiving 600 mg/kg of either salt died during the experiment, with deaths… CONTINUE READING