Terapêutica Fotodinâmica com metil-aminolevulinato no tratamento de lesões refractárias de Micose Fungóide: resposta clínica e histológica mantida em dois doentes.

  title={Terap{\^e}utica Fotodin{\^a}mica com metil-aminolevulinato no tratamento de les{\~o}es refract{\'a}rias de Micose Fung{\'o}ide: resposta cl{\'i}nica e histol{\'o}gica mantida em dois doentes.},
  author={Ana Isabel Teixeira and Jo{\~a}o Maia E Silva},
  journal={Dermatology online journal},
  volume={22 9}
According to the guidelines proposed by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, early-stage Mycosis Fungoides (MF) should be treated with skin-directed therapies such as topical steroids or retinoids, topical chemotherapy (carmustin and nitrogen mustard), photochemotherapy, and superficial radiotherapy. Patients with refractory lesions to these… CONTINUE READING