Terahertz vibration-rotation-tunneling spectroscopy of the propane–water dimer: The ortho-state of a 20cm−1 torsion

  • David W. Steyertb, Nikolaus C. Hlavacekb, Anamika Mukhopadhyayb, alph H. Pageb, Peter H. Siegel, Richard J. Saykallyb
  • Published 2014


eceived 21 July 2014 n final form 7 August 2014 vailable online 14 August 2014 We report the detailed characterization of a torsional vibration-rotation-tunneling band of the orthostate of the propane–water dimer in the spectral region near 20 cm−1 (0.6 THz). This work extends the previously reported studies with more than one hundred new transitions… (More)


4 Figures and Tables

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