Terahertz phase contrast imaging

  title={Terahertz phase contrast imaging},
  author={Gretel M. Png and Samuel P. Mickan and Tamath Rainsford and Derek Abbott},
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Terahertz imaging is presently in its exploratory stage. Although plots of time versus terahertz amplitude, and frequency versus terahertz magnitude are some of the most common ways of analyzing terahertz data, no standard rendering technique has been established. While existing methods are indispensable, improvements to how terahertz data is rendered and analyzed should be explored so that new techniques can complement existing ones and/or provide a means of displaying new information that… Expand
T-Ray Sensing and Imaging
While there are a number of challenges to be overcome there is little doubt that T-ray technology will play a significant role in the near future for advancement of security, public health, and defense. Expand
T-Ray Sensing and Imaging An Australian research group has investigated a number of terahertz application areas including liquid T-ray spectroscopy, bioaffinity sensing, image rendering, tomography, microwire T-ray transmission, and detection through plastic layers.
While there are a number of challenges to be overcome there is little doubt that T-ray technology will play a significant role in the near future for advancement of security, public health, and defense. Expand
Phase Method for Visualization of Hidden Dielectric Objects in the Millimeter Waveband
Experiments conducted in the millimeter wavelength range demonstrated the effectiveness of the method under consideration, which does not require a holographic image reconstruction, and can be classified as contour imaging. Expand
Continuous-wave THz vector imaging system utilizing two-tone signal generation and self-mixing detection.
The proposed continuous-wave vector THz imaging system utilizing a photonic generation of two-tone THz signals and self-mixing detection is greatly advantageous for realizing a real-time THz vector imaging system due to its simple receiver configuration. Expand
T-rays in biomedicine and security
Novel solutions for parameter extraction, image enhancement, improved signal-to-noise ratio and classification schemes, useful in a number of biomedical and security applications are suggested. Expand
Current steering detection scheme of three terminal antenna-coupled terahertz field effect transistor detectors.
  • P. Földesy
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Optics letters
  • 2013
An antenna-coupled field effect transistor (FET) as a plasma wave terahertz detector is used with the current steering to record separately the gate-source and gate-drain photoresponses and theirExpand
Complex-permittivity measurement with phase-sensitive continuous-wave THz homodyne spectroscopy
We present a phase-sensitive continuous-wave THz homodyne spectroscopy system for simultaneous measurement of the THz intensity and phase responses in frequency domain. Using this system, complexExpand


Quantitative phase‐amplitude microscopy I: optical microscopy
It is shown that the resolution of the method is not compromised over that of a conventional bright‐field image, and the signal‐to‐noise ratio of the phase recovery, however, does depend on the degree of coherence in the illumination. Expand
Terahertz pulse imaging (TPI) systems are used to obtain sub-millimeter spectroscopic measurements for a wide range of applications. This letter highlights the use of wavelet de-noising to markedlyExpand
Noninterferometric phase imaging with partially coherent light
We demonstrate that interferometric imaging may be replaced by noninterferometric propagation-based techniques in many experiments. We explore propagation through the Poynting vector and find twoExpand
Phase-Contrast Microscopy
Slight optical non-homogeneities in certain transparent specimens are usually rendered visible by putting the specimen out of focus. One then sees not the non-homogeneities themselves, but the focalExpand
T-ray imaging
The use of terahertz pulses for imaging has opened new possibilities for scientific and industrial applications in the terahertz frequency range. In this article, we describe the technology necessaryExpand
Terahertz pulse propagation in optical tunneling: causal vs. superluminal
Summary form only given. Recent claims of superluminal propagation of energy have returned to the forefront of current scientific debate including broad-band terahertz (THz) pulse propagation throughExpand
Analysis of system trade-offs for terahertz imaging
The trade-offs for a terahertz imaging system are analyzed and implementation of a terAhertz micro antenna array for imaging is discussed, describing applications of teraHertz imaging and improvements in the signal processing. Expand
Deterministic phase retrieval: a Green’s function solution
Equations for the propagation of phase and irradiance are derived, and a Green’s function solution for the phase in terms of irradiance and perimeter phase values is given. A measurement scheme isExpand
Negative group delay and pulse compression in superluminal pulse propagation
We systematically study the pulse advance and pulse compression in light propagation through a transparent, anomalously dispersive medium. Using an Argand diagram, we show that pulse compression isExpand
Terahertz Technology
Terahertz technology applications, sensors, and sources are briefly reviewed. Emphasis is placed on the less familiar components, instruments, or subsystems. Science drivers, some historicExpand