Terahertz Sensing in a Hollow Core Photonic Crystal Fiber

  title={Terahertz Sensing in a Hollow Core Photonic Crystal Fiber},
  author={Md. Saiful Islam and Jakeya Sultana and Ahmmed A. Rifat and Alex Dinovitser and Brian Wai-Him Ng and Derek Abbott},
  journal={IEEE Sensors Journal},
A terahertz sensor based on a hollow core photonic crystal fiber has been proposed in this paper for chemical analyte detection in the terahertz frequency range. The Zeonex-based asymmetrical hollow core is filled with an analyte and surrounded by a number of asymmetrical rectangular air holes bounded by a perfectly matched layer with absorbing boundary conditions. The performance of the proposed sensor is numerically investigated by using finite element method-based COMSOL software. It is… 

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