Terahertz Receiver based on Room-Temperature Rydberg-Atoms

  title={Terahertz Receiver based on Room-Temperature Rydberg-Atoms},
  author={Ya-Yi Lin and Zhenyue She and Zhiwen Chen and Xianzhen Li and Caixia Zhang and Kai-Yu Liao and Xinding Zhang and Jie Chen and Wei Huang and Hui Yan and Shiliang Zhu},
  journal={Fundamental Research},

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Digital communication with Rydberg atoms and amplitude-modulated microwave fields

Rydberg atoms, with one highly excited, nearly ionized electron, have extreme sensitivity to electric fields, including microwave fields ranging from 100 MHz to over 1 THz. Here, we show that

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This paper shows that wireless THz receivers can also greatly benefit from optoelectronic signal processing techniques, in particular when carrier frequencies beyond 0.1 THz and wideband tunability over more than an octave is required.

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The extension of the feasibility of digital communication via this quantum-based antenna over a continuously tunable RF-carrier at off-resonance is studied and a choice of linear gain response to the RF-amplitude can suppress the signal distortion.

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This approach provides a path to scale wireless communications to Tbit s−1 rates over distances of >1 km, and the photonic schemes used to generate the signal carrier and local oscillator are described, as is the fast photodetector used as a mixer for data extraction.

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Highly sensitive phase- and frequency-resolved detection of microwave electric fields is of central importance in a wide range of fields, including cosmology 1 , 2 , meteorology 3 , communication 4

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Rydberg atoms have attracted significant interest recently as electric field sensors. In order to assess potential applications, detailed understanding of relevant figures of merit is necessary,

Progress in performance development of room temperature direct terahertz detectors

  • A. Rogalski
  • Physics
    Journal of Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves
  • 2022
In this paper issues, associated with the development of THz direct detectors and focal plane arrays in the last decade are discussed. After short description of general classification of THz

TeraHertz Photonics for Wireless Communications

This paper will describe how photonic techniques can enable ultrahigh capacity wireless data distribution and transmission using signals at millimeter-wave and TeraHertz frequencies.