Terahertz Photoacoustic Spectroscopy Using an MEMS Cantilever Sensor

  title={Terahertz Photoacoustic Spectroscopy Using an MEMS Cantilever Sensor},
  author={Nathan E. Glauvitz and Ronald A. Coutu and Ivan R. Medvedev and Douglas T. Petkie},
  journal={Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems},
In this paper, a microelectromechanical systems cantilever sensor was designed, modeled, and fabricated to measure the photoacoustic (PA) response of gases under very low vacuum conditions. The micromachined devices were fabricated using silicon-on-insulator wafers and then tested in a custom-built, miniature, vacuum chamber during this first-ever demonstration. Terahertz radiation was amplitude modulated to excite the gas under test and perform PA molecular spectroscopy. Experimental data show… CONTINUE READING
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