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Terahertz Line-Of-Sight MIMO Communication: Theory and Practical Challenges

  title={Terahertz Line-Of-Sight MIMO Communication: Theory and Practical Challenges},
  author={Heedong Do and Sung-Min Cho and Jeonghun Park and Ho-Jin Song and N. Lee and A. Lozano},
A relentless trend in wireless communications is the hunger for bandwidth, and fresh bandwidth is only to be found at ever-higher frequencies. While 5G systems are seizing the mmWave band, the attention of researchers is shifting already to the terahertz range. In that distant land of tiny wavelengths, antenna arrays can serve for more than power-enhancing beamforming. Defying lower-frequency wisdom, spatial multiplexing becomes feasible even in line-of-sight conditions. This paper reviews the… Expand
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