Teraelectronvolt emission from the γ-ray burst GRB 190114C

  title={Teraelectronvolt emission from the γ-ray burst GRB 190114C},
  author={V. A. Acciari and Stefano Ansoldi and Lucio Angelo Antonelli and A. Arbet Engels and Dominik Baack and An{\vz}e Babi{\vc} and Bibek Banerjee and U. Barres de Almeida and Juan Abel Barrio and Josefa Becerra Gonz{\'a}lez and Wlodek Bednarek and L. Bellizzi and Elisa Bernardini and Alessio Berti and J{\"u}rgen Besenrieder and Wrijupan Bhattacharyya and Ciro Bigongiari and Adrian Biland and Oscar Blanch and Giacomo Bonnoli and Željka Bo{\vs}njak and Giovanni Busetto and Alessandro Carosi and Roberto Carosi and Giovanni Ceribella and Y. Chai and Amaiak Chilingaryan and Stefan Cikota and S. M. Colak and U. Colin and E. Colombo and J. L. Contreras and Juan Cortina and Stefano Covino and Giuseppe D'amico and Valerio D'Elia and P. da Vela and Francesco Dazzi and Alberto de Angelis and Barbara De Lotto and Manuel Delfino and J. Delgado and Damon Depaoli and F. Di Pierro and L. Di Venere and E. Do Souto Espi{\~n}eira and D. Dominis Prester and Andrea Donini and Daniela Dorner and Michele Doro and Dominik Elsaesser and V. Fallah Ramazani and Alicia Fattorini and Asunci{\'o}n Fern{\'a}ndez-Barral and G. Ferrara and D. Carreto Fidalgo and Luca Foffano and Maria Victoria Fonseca and Ll. Font and Christian Fruck and S. Fukami and Stefano Gallozzi and Ram{\'o}n J. Gar{\'c}ıa L{\'o}pez and Markus Garczarczyk and Sargis Gasparyan and Markus Gaug and N. Giglietto and Francesco Giordano and Nikola Godinovic and D. Green and Daniela Guberman and Daniela Hadasch and Atle Hahn and J'onatan Herrera and J. Hoang and Dario Hrupec and M. Huetten and Toshitaka Inada and S. Inoue and Kaoru Ishio and Yasuhiro Iwamura and Lea Jouvin and Daniel Kerszberg and Haruhiko Kubo and Junko Kushida and Alessandra Lamastra and Damir Lelas and Franco Leone and Elina Lindfors and Salvatore Lombardi and Francesco Longo and M. Moncl{\'u}s L{\'o}pez and R L{\'o}pez-Coto and Alicia L'opez-Oramas and S. Loporchio and Bernardo M. O. Fraga and C. Maggio and Pinaki Majumdar and M. Makariev and Manuela Mallamaci and G. Maneva and M. Manganaro and Karl Mannheim and Laura Maraschi and Mose' Mariotti and M. Mart́ınez and S. Masuda and Daniel Mazin and Sasa Micanovic and D. Miceli and Milen Minev and J. M. Miranda and Razmik Mirzoyan and Everardo Molina and Abelardo Moralejo and David Morcuende and V. Moreno and Elena Moretti and Pere Munar-Adrover and V. Neustroev and C. Nigro and Kari Nilsson and Daniele Ninci and Kyoshi Nishijima and K. Noda and Ll. Nogu{\'e}s and Michael N{\"o}the and S. Nozaki and Simona Paiano and Jose Palacio and Michele Palatiello and David Paneque and Roberto Paoletti and Josep M. Paredes and Pablo Pe{\~n}il and Michele Peresano and Massimo Persic and P. G. Prada Moroni and Elisa Prandini and I Puljak and Wolfgang Rhode and Marc Rib'o and Javier Rico and Carlo Righi and Andrea Rugliancich and L. Saha and Narine Sahakyan and T. Saito and S. Sakurai and Konstancja Satalecka and K. Schmidt and Thomas Schweizer and Julian Sitarek and Iva {\vS}nidari{\'c} and Dorota Sobczy'nska and Auni Somero and Antonio Stamerra and D Strom and M. Strzys and Y. Suda and Tihomir Suric and M. Takahashi and Fabrizio Tavecchio and Petar Temnikov and Tomislav Terzi'c and Minoru Teshima and N'uria Torres-Alba and L. Tosti and Shiho Tsujimoto and V. Vagelli and Juliane van Scherpenberg and Gaia Vanzo and Monica Vazquez Acosta and Carlo Francesco Vigorito and Vincenzo Vitale and Ievgen Vovk and Moritz Will and Darko Zari'c and Lara Nava},
  • V. A. Acciari, Stefano Ansoldi, +176 authors Lara Nava
  • Published 2019
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Nature
  • Long-duration γ-ray bursts (GRBs) are the most luminous sources of electromagnetic radiation known in the Universe. They arise from outflows of plasma with velocities near the speed of light that are ejected by newly formed neutron stars or black holes (of stellar mass) at cosmological distances1,2. Prompt flashes of megaelectronvolt-energy γ-rays are followed by a longer-lasting afterglow emission in a wide range of energies (from radio waves to gigaelectronvolt γ-rays), which originates from… CONTINUE READING


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