TeraNets: ultra-broadband communication networks in the terahertz band

  title={TeraNets: ultra-broadband communication networks in the terahertz band},
  author={Ian F. Akyildiz and Josep Miquel Jornet and Chong Han},
  journal={IEEE Wireless Communications},
Terahertz Band communication is envisioned as a key technology to satisfy the data rate requirements of future wireless communication networks, and enable new applications both in classical networking domains as well as in novel nanoscale communication paradigms. Major recent advancements in THz Band technologies are helping to finally close the so called THz Gap and bring practical THz Band communication networks one step closer. This paper surveys the state of the art in THz Band device… 

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Field Effect Transistors for Terahertz detection and emission
  • W. Knap, S. Nadar, C. Gaquière
  • Physics
    2010 Conference Proceedings ICECom, 20th International Conference on Applied Electromagnetics and Communications
  • 2010
A review of recent results concerning the physics and applications of Field Effect Transistors as Terahertz detectors and emitters and results concerning dependance of THz detection and emission on high/quantizing magnetic fields and the geometry of the transistor channel are reviewed.