Tera-leptons Shadows over Sinister Universe

  title={Tera-leptons Shadows over Sinister Universe},
  author={D. Fargion and M. Yu. Khlopov},
  • D. Fargion, M. Yu. Khlopov
  • Published 2008
The role of Sinister Heavy Fermions in most recent extended Glashow's SU (3)×SU (2)×SU (2) ′ ×U (1) model is to offer in a unique frame relic Helium-like products (an ingenious candidate to the dark matter puzzle), a solution to the SeeSaw mechanism for light neutrino masses as well as to strong CP violation problem in QCD. The Sinister model requires a three additional families of leptons and quarks, but only the lightest of them Heavy U-quark and E-electron are stable. Apparently the final… CONTINUE READING