Tentacular function in snail olfactory orientation

  title={Tentacular function in snail olfactory orientation},
  author={R. Chase and R. Croll},
  journal={Journal of comparative physiology},
  • R. Chase, R. Croll
  • Published 2004
  • Biology
  • Journal of comparative physiology
  • Summary1.The olfactory orienting behavior of the terrestrial snailAchatina fulica was studied in intact animals, in animals with bilateral lesions of either the anterior tentacles or the posterior tentacles, and in animals with unilateral lesions of the posterior tentacles. Tentacular function was evaluated under three different conditions.2.One assay required the snails to locomote upwind in a two-armed olfactometer and enter the side in which the airstream contained a food odor. The… CONTINUE READING
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