Tensorial approach to the geometry of brain function: Cerebellar coordination via a metric tensor

  title={Tensorial approach to the geometry of brain function: Cerebellar coordination via a metric tensor},
  author={A. J. Pellionisz and Rodolfo R. Llin{\'a}s},

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Utilizations of the tensor approach center on natural and artificial sensorimotor operations, promoting a co-evolution of coordinated (and intelligent) robots with Nature’s systems such as adaptive cerebellar compensatory reflexes.
Tensor Theory of Brain Function. The Cerebellum as a Space-Time Metric
The Tensor Network Theory of Central Nervous System (a geometrical abstraction and generalization of the known vector-matrix approaches) is capable of yielding a usable understanding and a tensorial network model capable of generating motor coordination via cerebellar-type neuronal circuits is offered.
Distributed parallel processing in the vertical vestibulo-ocular reflex: Learning networks compared to tensor theory
This work modeled the vertical VOR as a three-layered neural network programmed using the back-propagation learning algorithm and demonstrated how vestibular nucleus neurons can encode the VOR sensorimotor transformation in a distributed manner.


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  • W. Ashby
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  • 1967
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A tacit assumption in the design of most single cell neurophysiological research is the tenet that the electrical activity displayed by single elements must ultimately explain all behavioral responses of animals, and this assumption can now be seriously tested in the cerebellar cortex.