TensorFlow Distributions Joshua

  title={TensorFlow Distributions Joshua},
  author={M Reza Labafi H Abadi and Ashish Agarwal and Paul Barham and Eugene Brevdo and Zhifeng Chen and Craig Citro and G. Corrado and Andy Davis and Matthieu Devin and Sanjay Ghemawat and Andrew Harp and Geoffrey Irving and Michael Isard and Yangqing Jia and Rafal J{\'o}zefowicz and Lukasz Kaiser and Manjunath Kudlur and Josh Levenberg and Dan Man{\'e} and Rajat Monga and Sherry Moore and D. Murray and Chris Olah and Mike Schuster and Jonathon Shlens and Benoit Steiner and Ilya Sutskever and Kunal Talwar and Paul Tucker and Vincent Vanhoucke and Fernanda B. Vi{\'e}gas and Oriol Vinyals and Martin Wattenberg and Martin Wicke and Yuan Yu and Tim Salimans},

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