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Tensor types and their use in physics

  title={Tensor types and their use in physics},
  author={Andreas Bauer and Alexander Nietner},
The content of this paper can be roughly organized into a three-level hierarchy of generality. At the first, most general level, we introduce a new language which allows us to express various categorical structures in a systematic and explicit manner in terms of so-called 2-schemes. Although 2-schemes can formalize categorical structures such as symmetric monoidal categories, they are not limited to this, and can be used to define structures with no categorical analogue. Most categorical… 

A unified diagrammatic approach to topological fixed point models

A systematic mathematical language for describing fixed point models and applying it to the study to topological phases of matter is introduced, which is formalised and unified in terms of tensor networks.

Quantum mechanics is *-algebras and tensor networks.

This work provides a systematic approach to quantum mechanics from an information-theoretic perspective using the language of tensor networks, and shows how various types of models can be translated into *-tensor networks.