Tensor products of Archimedean partially ordered vector spaces

  title={Tensor products of Archimedean partially ordered vector spaces},
  author={Onno van Gaans and Anke Kalauch},
We study the tensor product of two directed Archimedean partially ordered vector spaces X and Y by means of Riesz completions. With the aid of the Fremlin tensor product of the Riesz completions of X and Y we show that the projective cone in X ⊗ Y is contained in an Archimedean cone. The smallest Archimedean cone containing the projective cone satisfies an appropriate universal mapping property. 
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Lexicographic Cones and the Ordered Projective Tensor Product
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  • Mathematics
    Trends in Mathematics
  • 2019
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In Archimedean vector lattices bands can be introduced via three different coinciding notions. First, they are order closed ideals. Second, they are precisely those ideals which equal their double
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We introduce a construction (inZ F-set theory) for the Archimedean ℓ-group tensor product. We relate this tensor product to the existing ones in the theory of Archimedean vector lattices and ℓ-groups.
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Book of positive operators, as an amazing reference becomes what you need to get, and book, as a source that may involve the facts, opinion, literature, religion, and many others are the great friends to join with.
The tensor product of Archimedean ordered vector spaces
Ordered Topological Tensor Products
Sherbert: Ordered topological tensor products
  • Proc. London Math. Soc
  • 1969
Tensor Products of Archimedean Partially Ordered Vector Spaces, Report MI-2010-01
  • Mathematical Institute, Leiden University
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Completions in Riesz space theory