Tensor product structure of affine Demazure modules and limit constructions

  title={Tensor product structure of affine Demazure modules and limit constructions},
  author={Ghislain Fourier and P. Littelmann}
Let g be a simple complex Lie algebra, we denote by g the affine Kac–Moody algebra associated to the extended Dynkin diagram of g. Let Λ 0 be the fundamental weight of g corresponding to the additional node of the extended Dynkin diagram. For a dominant integral g–coweight λ ∨ , the Demazure submodule V −λ ∨ (mΛ 0) is a g–module. We provide a description of the g–module structure as a tensor product of " smaller " Demazure modules. More precisely, for any partition of λ ∨ = j λ ∨ j as a sum of… CONTINUE READING

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