Tensor Properties of Crystals

  title={Tensor Properties of Crystals},
  author={D. R. Lovett},
  • D. Lovett
  • Published 1 April 1989
  • Materials Science
Crystals and crystal symmetry - structure of solids close-packing structures two-dimensional lattices three-dimensional lattices crystallographic indices for planes - Miller indices crystallographic direction indices introducing tensors - introduction to the notation reducing the numbers of components transformations of axes transformation of a vector transformation of the co-ordinates of a point transformation and the definition of a tensor second-rank symmetrical tensors - the representation… 
RETRACTED ARTICLE: Crystal’s anisotropic properties and tensor representation: a discussion
For most applications, crystals need a careful selection to process an appropriate symmetry for a particular application. A crystal is innately symmetrical; hence it presents the same appearance from
Spectral Analysis of Piezoelectric Tensors
A third order real tensor is called a piezoelectric-type tensor if it is partially symmetric with respect to its last two indices. The piezoelectric tensor is a piezoelectric-type tensor of dimension
Crystal Tensors: Introduction
0 Application of the Continuum-Lattice Thermodynamics
  • E. Oh
  • Materials Science
  • 2018
Through the continuum-lattice thermodynamic approach, the thermodynamic behaviors of twoand three-dimensional multicomponent, elastic, crystalline solids are developed. We begin with a discussion of
Investigation of correlated electron systems under uni-axial strain
A central paradigm for classifying the phases of correlated electron systems is their symmetry. Having the ability to controllably tune symmetry-related properties of the system is therefore a
Linear transformations of variance/covariance matrices.
  • P. Parois, M. Lutz
  • Computer Science
    Acta crystallographica. Section A, Foundations of crystallography
  • 2011
This method is applied in the transformation of anisotropic displacement parameters, the calculation of equivalent isotropic displacement parameter, the comparison of refinements in different space-group settings and the calculated of standard uncertainties of eigenvalues.
Crystalline Properties of Solids
  • M. Razeghi
  • Materials Science
    Fundamentals of Solid State Engineering
  • 2018
This chapter gives a brief introduction to crystallography, which is the science that studies the structure and properties of the crystalline state of matter. We will first discuss the arrangements
Shape model for ordering properties of molecular dopants inducing chiral mesophases
An extension to chiral phases of a model derived previously to interpret orientational properties in liquid crystal solvents of molecules with arbitrary shape leads, quite naturally, to the
Elastic Constants of Erbia Single Crystals
The elastic properties of single-crystalline erbia (Er2O3) at room temperature have been investigated using resonant ultrasound spectroscopy. The three independent stiffness constants of anisotropic