Tensor Gauge Fields in Arbitrary Representations of GL(D, $${\mathbb{R})}$$ : II. Quadratic Actions

  title={Tensor Gauge Fields in Arbitrary Representations of GL(D, \$\$\{\mathbb\{R\})\}\$\$ : II. Quadratic Actions},
  author={Xavier Bekaert and Nicolas Boulanger},
  journal={Communications in Mathematical Physics},
Quadratic, second-order, non-local actions for tensor gauge fields transforming in arbitrary irreducible representations of the general linear group in D-dimensional Minkowski space are explicitly written in a compact form by making use of Levi–Civita tensors. The field equations derived from these actions ensure the propagation of the correct massless physical degrees of freedom and are shown to be equivalent to non-Lagrangian local field equations proposed previously. Moreover, these actions… 

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